CollegeThough it’s clear that the producers of the College soundtrack attempted to order their 12 tracks in a way that would be most conducive to telling a story – or at least in a way that would make the various musical transitions less jarring - this album is a little too eclectic to be cohesive. And though eclicticity is typically considered a plus in soundtracks, it serves as too much of a drawback here since there are too few songs that are either memorable or familar enough to provide an anchor.

Opening promisingly with Ben Kweller’s lightly endearing “Penny On a Train Track,” this album heads south (literally) pretty quickly with Supagroup’s “Jailbait,” a song about an underage girl that seems to be attempting to be both parody and rock song in one (it succeeds at neither). Oddly enough, Supagroup is given another slot on the album (for the generic “Let’s Go (Get Wasted)”). Both Zeroleen and Sweatshop Union make decent contributions after that, with the hip “All Good” and “Slice of Life,” respectively. Both songs give off a hip underground vibe that serves the soundtrack well. Unfortunately, the next song, “Fear the Mullet” by the Oklahomos, is almost unlistenable.

After the aforementioned Supagroup song, the rest of the album is pretty nondescript, aside from the slightly memorable, if low budget sounding “Dope Girl” by Donnis. The final track, “Night Sky” by Pierson Ross, is pretty impressive, though it stands in pretty sharp contrast to the rest of the album. Overall, this is an unusual mix of music, starting and ending with light folksy tracks that only serve to highlight the odd tones throughout the rest of the album.

Zach’s Rating: C+
Perfect For: Anyone looking for an album of relatively unknowns
Stay Away if: You’re looking for a cohesive soundtrack or a few familiar songs
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