Christmastime in LarrylandAfter years of incessant tours and albums as well as high-profile theatrical flops like Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector and Delta Farce, the name Larry the Cable Guy has become a household name… whether that’s a good thing or not is obviously incredibly subjective.

Regardless of whether you think Larry is ignorant, offensive and hilarious or just ignorant and offensive, there’s really not much to salvage on Larry’s second Christmas album that he actually calls “perfect” in the interior album notes. Constructed in what is apparently Larry’s idea of an “old-time Christmas variety show,” Christmas in Larryland even comes with its own much-needed laugh track. In fact, trying to find something to laugh at on this album is almost as difficult as trying to rectify Larry’s supposed “Christian” values with his repeated sexual jokes.

With punchlines like “Santa Claus doesn’t accept illegal immigrants who invade America!” and “The ACLU can kiss our Christian asses!” this album takes lowest common denominator to an unprecedented new low. There’s even a track entitled “Farting Jingle Bells.” Seriously. And that’s what it literally is: someone farting “Jingle Bells.” Obviously the laugh track kicks into high gear at that point… because… well… farting is funny… right?

Even repeated use of his old failsafe “Git ‘r Done” can’t pull Larry through this lackluster attempt at his well-known dumbed-down humor formula. About the only decent use of Christmastime in Larryland is as a drinking game where everyone takes a shot for each time Larry says “balls,” “numbnuts” or “liberal Commie.” But there’s not enough alcohol in the world to make this album funny.

Zach’s Rating: F
Perfect For: A small frisbee that can also be used as a relatively ineffective coaster
Stay Away if: You have even the small sense of comedic integrity

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