It is that time of year once more. The store shelves are stacked with Christmas CD’s. Many artists have played the Christmas game, but few are truly masters of the genre. Al Jarreau is a master! His voice lends itself so well to the Christmas theme.

Al Jarreau is no beginner in the music business, his career spans three decades and he holds the distinction of being the only singer I know of that has won Grammy’s in three separate categories,  Pop, Jazz, and R&B. In total he has seven Grammy’s to his credit.

Sometimes it is hard to put a new twist on a song that is timeless, yet Al Jarreau manages to do just that. Christmas contains 12 tracks of all of your favorite holiday music. I have to admit that my absolute favorite song for the yule tide is not strictly speaking a Christmas song at all, it is  a sacred song used in the Roman Catholic Mass and “Gloria In Excelsis”, a song that was penned sometime around 400ad. Al Jarreau puts a unique and haunting jazz feel to this very lovely song.

You can get your copy of Christmas from better stores everywhere and online from Rhino.

Simon Barrett

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