It delights me to review yet another of CBGB’s live recordings. As we all know, the most popular rock club in Manhattan is now closed, however the legacy is continuing strong. Hopefully the Bowery collections will turn some heads and get the club back open. We can only dream. This latest edition in the CBGB Bowery collection features the August 19th, 2005 performance of the long time consistent rockers, that go by the handle Living Colour.

The core of this band is with guitarist Vernon Reid, seeing how he was the only founding member who had any previous band experience. This does not undermine the hard rock vocals of singer Corey Glover, who in my opinion could do well in either the punk or metal genre. This duo is supported by Muzz Skillings on Bass and Will Calhoun on Drums. It’s actually fitting that they are included in the Bowery collection, since they first honed their skills there and they are no less hardcore in this compilation.

I have always loved seeing my favorite bands live (who doesn’t) and just like the CBGB’s H2O recording, this takes you front stage. The live between song banter of the band as well as the audience feedback does not disappoint. A definite must have for the true Living Colour fan.

Before I end however, I must mention a specific song as I think once the word gets out about this album a majority of fans will buy it for this song alone. The song is called “Terrorism”. A good listen for any conspiracy theorist, or any American upset with our government.

Update: Online concert channel will air an exclusive live video webcast of LIVING COLOUR’s concert at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland on Saturday, November 1 beginning at 21.00 CET. Fans from all over the world can tune in for free to watch the band perform at this location

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Damon Harris

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