New York based Mooney Suzuki are a must see band. The music is high adrenaline, and high octane stuff. This CD was from a concert they played in 2001 at the influential CBGB club in New York. I have to admit that I never had the opportunity to sample CBGB up close, but if the picture of the stage featured on the back cover of the sleeve notes is anything to go by, it is my kind of place. Remember the stage in the movie ‘Road House’? Well it is pretty similar, the only thing missing is the chicken wire!

Mooney Suzuki are sometimes billed as Hard Rock/Metal, but they are better than that label. They understand how to construct a song. Yes there is a certain amount of ‘off key’ from the vocals, but generally speaking they know their stuff. Oh Sweet Susanna (track 7) shows their real potential, a better rock ballad I have not heard in a long time, this is classic stuff.

It is a shame that this has been released as a CD rather than a DVD, I will bet the show was stunning.

Mooney Suzuki Live 2001 is being released under the CBGB label, and distributed via MVD. A proportion of the sales will be donated to the Hilly Kristal Foundation For Musicians And Artists. Hilly was the owner and mainstay of the CBGB club for over 30 years. A man with a passion, a man with a love for music, and maybe most of all, a man who was prepared to take chances. There are many bands that owe Hilly a huge debt of gratitude, without him, they would not exist.

Simon Barrett

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