This is Punk, this is raw, in fact this is flesh eating Punk! Terror originate (mostly) from the West Coast. They are rough and ready, I doubt that the entire band knows 3 chords between them, but that is not a drawback in their minds! What is lacking in musical ability is made up for in enthusiasm.

The CD was recorded live at the sadly missed New York based CBGB club in 2004. CBGB was a mainstay in the New York area for over 30 years, and it’s owner Hilly Kristal was a colorful owner, one who would go where others feared to tread. Hilly died last year, but his legacy lives on through the release of a series of new CD’s that were recorded live from CBGB. Better still, distributor MVD has agreed to donate a portion of the money received in sales to the Hilly Kristal Foundation For Musicians And Artists.

If Punk is your milleiu then Terror could be just the ticket you are looking for. This is 11 brutal assualts on your aural abilities. I’ll bet the live show was something to witness. I doubt anyone actually died, but I’ll bet their were some injuries!

CBGB – Terror is available for purchase through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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