I have to admit that I am becoming a big fan of Clive Nolan, with each release he becomes better and better. Walk on Water is a slightly different critter from his earlier works, there is a lot less electronica evident. The thrust is to produce a well rounded and musically very accomplished album.

The more I hear from this very gifted musician and composer the more I want to hear. Based on a recent interview with Rick Wakeman I know that Clive has had some exposure to the Wakeman clan, and in my opinion it shows. Clive demonstrates skills way beyond his tender years. His touch on the keyboard is high class, his level of professionalism unparalleled, and his compositions unique and captivating. Clive Nolan is best known for his work within the Prog Rock genre with Neo and Pendragon. Walk On Water is a slightly different beast, and a very satisfying beast it is.

On Walk On The Water he is joined by Agnieszka Sevita who plays lead vocalist, with Clive on keyboards and backing her up in the vocal arena, Mark Westwood handles lead acoustic guitar, John Jewitt is on bass, and Scott Higham completes the ensemble on drums. I really liked the fusion of classical styles and modern equipment. Is this the future of the Prog Rock movement? If it is, I want in!

Although only four tacks long, this is a CD worthy of anyone’s collection. To quote my wife “That goes on the keep pile”! I have been trying to get an interview with Clive Nolan for some time now, and listening to this latest CD has made me even more interested in doing that (watch out Clive, I am coming!).

You can try out Caamora – Walk On The Water from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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