Broken EnglishFrom the opening beats of the first track, “In the Dressing Room”, the soundtrack for Broken English plays out like a melancholy love ode. With the majority of the tracks created by the Parisian duo Scratch Massive, there’s no shortage of electronic rock/trance sounds. Making full use of the keyboard and all of its robotic sound effects, the nine tracks the duo has provided give the album an anchored feel and a musical throughline to follow.

With contributions from Juantrip, I Am Kloot and Frank Arbaretaz making up the rest of the album, this almost strictly instrumental soundtrack is a moving mixture of slow, somber tunes mixed in with a few faster paced, upbeat tracks, such as the deceptively moony “Seeing is Believing” and the buoyant ditty “Dirty Party”, which sounds like a sunny 60’s throwback.

The more techno tune “Dance” has a few words, but only to up the infectiousness ante. It’s the kind of beat that gets listeners to do exactly what the title commands. Perhaps the most intersting, and ultimately enjoyable tune on the album, though, is the experimental electronic composition “Soleil Noir”. With a plethora of sounds flowing in and around a continuous light beat, the song slowly evolves over a five minute period from a disjointed array of noise to a beautiful melody.

Overall, the Broken English Soundtrack manages to capture the essence of a love affair in its high and low periods. Both dolorous and optimistic, the various musicians and tracks have created an intensely expressive film soundtrack, as well as many quality electronic songs that play well on their own. Unfortunately, the final song, and the title track, “Broken English”, is the only song that doesn’t succeed on all accounts. Though it’s a clever cover of the 1979 Marianne Faithfull hit, even an updated version of the song sounds dated compared to the rest of this up-to-the minute electronic album.

Zach’s Rating: B+
French Zach’s Rating: A
French Canadian Zach’s Rating: A-

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