I have to admit that I had not heard of this band till their new CD turned up in my mailbox. I popped it in the player, made sure my seat was in the upright position, my tray table stowed, my seat belt firmly fastened, and hit the play button!

It turned out that I did not need to take these precautions. What a fun band. Some bands take themselves way too seriously, but not this bunch. This is a really wild adventure into the world of Psychobilly (hell I didn’t even know the genre existed)!

I explored their MySpace page and my grin turned into a belly laugh, under musical influences the list The Clash, Louis Armstrong, and Hank Williams. They are right, that very much sums up Los Difuntos. This is a rollicking good time.

The band consists of Christian T.  on Vocals and Guitars, Ben Meza playing a Stand Up Bass, now you don’t see that every day, and Kurlee Herrera on drums. It is amazing that only three guys can create such a cacophony of sound. I have to admit that if I am in the LA area I will hunt these folks down, I will bet they are just awesome live.

My recommendation is that if you buy this CD get two copies, because someone is bound to steal the first one. You can check out this amazing band on their web site, which also has ordering information, and even better, you can sample some of this rather unique and catchy music.

Simon Barrett


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