“I could imagine me on Bourbon Street, drunk, during Mardi Gras listening to this guy” was the comment my wife (a Louisiana native) made when I put this one the player.

Miller Anderson is the epitome, maybe the apex of the blues guitarist and singer. This is a truly wonderful CD.

High Tide And High Water, is the perfect song to kick this CD off with. It showcases not only Miller Anderson’s voice but also his great command of the guitar. For this track alone you should buy the CD.

I was less impressed with his rendition of House Of The Rising Sun, while not bad, it has been done better. In fact I found this track to be a bit of an anathema, Miller is a fabulous composer and player, why he would do a cover of this classic is beyond me.

Fallin Back Into The Blue, is just delightful, ‘Swamp Music’ was what my pet Cajun called it. This is true Southern music, close your eyes, and you are on the banks of the bayou.

Little Man Dancing is another great composition. It is simple yet complex, it is mainstream, and yet it is off beat. The vocals alone will get to you. “it all came down to see the little man dancing”, and it is hard not to want to dance along with this tune.

Help Me, is another infectious track, if you weren’t hooked before, this one will get you. The relentless bass refrain alone will liquefy your brain. As the saying goes “you have been assimilated by the Borg”!

Both my wife and I are hooked on Miller Anderson, and all we have left to say is.. get your copy today from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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