Originally released in 1987, for the first time Destined For Extinction is now available on CD. Blessed Death were a high energy Thrash Band, and very good at it. They are also the only Thrash/Metal band I can think of that had identical twins in it. On bass was Kevin , and on drums look alike Chris Powelson. The rest of the band consisted of Larry Portelli, whose insane screams and melodic singing blended into a truly bizarre combination, and guitarists Jeff Anderson and Nick Fiorentino.

For Thrash aficionados this is a must have album. It has been digitally re-mastered and is available in a numbered limited pressing of 2000, so get it quick, it won’t be around long. Blessed Death may not be known for being prolific album producers, but they certainly had, and have their staunch supporters and it was primarily due to fan pressure that this CD has been released.

You can get Destined For Extinction from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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