When Blaze Bayley left Iron Maiden in 1999, or rather was unceremoniously dumped, it all depends on your viewpoint, his future looked questionable. Was Blaze another casualty of the world of music, just another artist banished to the netherworld of the ‘has been’. Well, indeed for a while it did seem that that was a distinct possibility, in fact for a period of time he dropped out of the music world altogether. But Blaze Bayley is no damn quitter, he has fought his fair share of battles, personal and professional, and often, uncalled for, criticism.

Depression, the death of his wife and manager, these have all prayed on Blaze Bayley’s mind. I am sure that at one point or another he has rued his entire involvement with Iron Maiden, rather than a springboard to greater things, it became a gang plank to being fed to the sharks.

Well folks, Blaze is back, and Blaze is bigger than ever. He has a new book out that details his life, and is written by the current drummer Lawrence Paterson. He also has a DVD from the same concert that The Night That Will Not Die was recorded at.

This double new CD recorded at the wonderful Z7 venue is quite the adventure. I have to confess to being a huge fan of live recordings, you get the music the way it really is, rather than the overproduced and over edited sound that sometimes comes out of a studio album. Mind you, this kind of release can be a risky venture, if the band is having a bad day the end result can be less than spectacular. No worries with The Night That Will Not Die, Blaze and the band or on the very top of their game. He is clearly much more comfortable working with his own material than trying to adapt his voice to the works of others. A problem that I personally believe plagued Blaze during his tenure with Iron Maiden. The intransigence of Iron Maiden to modify pitch hurt both them and Blaze Bayley.

With Lawrence Paterson on drums, David Bermudez on bass,  Nico Bermudez on Guitars, and Jay Walsh on guitars, Blaze has assembled a formidable band. One that we are going to hear a lot more about.

One listen to this great CD, and any lingering Maiden era doubts you may have concerning Blaze Bayley will be erased. This man is BAAAACK, and in a big way.

You can order your copy of The Night That Will Not Die Here.

Simon Barrett

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