Blackmore’s Night - Secret Voyage

Okay, this might be changing gears quite a bit from the Iced Earth epic above, but bear with me. Say what you want at former Deep Purple/guitar god Richie Blackmore’s foray into medieval minstrel music, but you cannot fault the quality of their releases. Whether an original composition, one of Henry VII’s tunes or a re-interpretation of a modern song (represented on here by “Can’t Help Falling in Love”) it’s fairly easy to see why oodles of people turn out to see them live whether they are playing a Castle or a more normal venue. The fact that Mater likes this does not even put me off.

The other important factor to remember is that Blackmore could give a toss if his former rock fans like his new output or not. He is doing what he enjoys with someone he loves (Candice Night is his girlfriend as well as bandmate). The sell out gigs all over the world are pretty much a sign he has found a whole new audience for his minstrel musings. The one thing that you find with every release of this lot is a desire to have a tall glass of something strong. Then again the band does have a track called “God Bless the Keg”. Who in their right mind would disagree with that? Mock if you will, but Richie’s having the last laugh. 

The next time you want to gather round the fire with beer, wine or mead with a bunch of mates and need a sound-track this CD is it.  And I hear that the band are bloody good fun to see live as well. You don’t even have to dress up, but it always adds to the fun. 


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