Beowulf SoundtrackWith thrumming tones galore, Alan Silvestri’s epic score for Robert Zemeckis’ animated spectacular Beowulf is every bit as epically grand as the film itself. The overtly thrilling “Beowulf Main Title” opens the album with an electronic beat and a few chanting warriors and from here on out listeners are dragged into Silvestri’s vision of period war music with a firm foot in today’s technology.

The early track “What We Need Is a Hero” features more pounding drums and chanting masculinity, as does most of the album. And while some tracks feature quiet moments of repose, surrounded by pulsing beats (such as the haunting “I Am Beowulf”), the majority are constantly driving forward. “Second Grendel Attack” displays Silvestri’s fine ability to work with a chorus effectively; the voices fall in line like instruments in the orchestra.

The quiet moments in the score (like the eerily paced “The Seduction”) serve to further highlight the grandiosity of the bigger numbers (most notably “Beowulf Slays the Beast”). Luckily, the sheer intensity and drive of the music keeps this album from pushing itself too far and landing in the land of parody. There is action here, and Silvestri keeps it just exciting enough without outdoing himself.

Additionally, Robin Wright Penn gently croons the only two lullingly peaceful tracks on the album: “Gently As She Goes” and “A Hero Comes Home,” both set to tranquil medieval backdrops, and Idina Menzel (of Wicked fame) is tapped to provide a power-pop version of “A Hero Comes Home” for the End Credits. It’s a little cheesy – and surprisingly Neverending Story-ish - but it works.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: Playing as background music to your own epic escapades
Stay Away if: Your hypertension doesn’t need any more encouragement
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