Alan Davey is the driving force behind Bedouin. Alan cut his teeth playing bass, keyboards ,and wave sequencing for the Space Rock band Hawkwind. Alan left Hawkwind in 1996 to explore new avenues, and so Bedouin was born. While significantly different from the Dave Brock inspired Space Rock, you can see touches of Hawkwindesque influences in the music. In a huge million to one shot I have an interview arranged with Dave Brock, and I will certainly be asking him his thoughts on this band. Also, unless I am much mistaken Alan Davey is once more playing with Hawkwind. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with who is where!

These musical influences are not surprising when you look at the makeup of the rest of the band, Danny Thompson was drummer with Hawkwind during the 80’s and Sean Massett from Captain Rizz+, who had supported Hawkwind on their 1995 Alien tour. The line up by 2003 had changed slightly, out was Sean Massett and in was Glen Povey on guitars.

Bedouin are rockers, and this live album has all the high energy you associate with hard rock. I would love to see this band live, I’ll bet they put on a fine performance.

You can get this album from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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