Beautiful Wreck Of The World was first released in 1999, this is well crafted and very well executed. Visually Willie Nile reminds me of the guy on the Food Channel that drives around towing a small AirStream that has been converted to a two slice toaster! Sound wise, Willie Nile is harder to pidgeon hole, some of his work is very Lou Reed, yet other pieces are completely different. Maybe the finest being the title track. I immediately thought of Paul McCartney and Mull of Kintire. Using the same basic musical construction, Willie Nile takes us on a completely unexpected journey.

Before you have a chance to ‘Un-Mull’, we are thrown into Brain Damage, a classic Rock n Roll offering. High energy, high energy, and yet more high energy, this is a great song.

I was not so enamored by ‘The Black Parade’, this seemed to me to be filler, every band uses filler on an album, filler is that time that you use up with starch to thicken the gravy for the main course. 

Oatmeal Box, is right out of the Donovan or Bob Dylan book of angry folksy music that they are so well known for. Angry social commentary is the best way of describing it. 

Somewhere It’s Raining is back to classic rock. In other words, you just do not know what musical treat is going to be served up next.

I really love these guys, what started off life as a pretty average CD formed itself into a really wonderful end product. You can get you own copy of Beautiful Wreck Of The World from MVD. 

Simon Barrett


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