The music world has another rising star. For her debut CD,  Beautiful Distraction, 22-year-old Redlands, California singer-songwriter Marianne Keith wrote all the songs and presents them with a great deal of heart and soul. She integrates pop, folk, country and more into her musical mix, crossing musical boundaries like a number of popular entertainers today. She said she is inspired by the work of artists such as Sarah McLachlan,  Tori Amos,  and KT Tunstall.

Each track on the CD has a distinct style, with “Make You Mine” being the strongest country song. For that one she recently won the Orange County Music Award in the Best Country category. The style and delivery of that number was reminiscent of Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves.  

“Sideways Rain” opens with a soft piano accompaniment that is the only instrument behind her voice for the verses. Both are sweet and clear and an audio respite after the fast, rhythmic beat of “On the Line.” Keith just recently started playing piano, but she has definitely mastered the instrument.

In the bio on her Web site, Keith says she writes love songs because people care about relationships. “People spend their whole lives looking for a good one. I think love songs are important as long as they’re a relatively interesting take on love.”

The love songs on Beautiful Distraction are a mix of happy, sad, sweet and sentimental, but they all have something important to say about relationships. From the title song comes this, “You got a problem, we’ll talk it out,” emphasizing the importance of open communications.

In Happy Girl she sings, “Money can’t buy you love, but people can’t get enough of either.”

Too Late reflects choices not made, or choices made at the wrong time. “Sitting in the park…looked at you and in your hand you held my heart. I chose the swings and you chose the slide.”  The song continues, “Playing tic tac toe, you were X’s and I was O’s. I lost that game.”

Keith has been singing in church from the age of six, and decided to play guitar and write her own music when she was 16, but she didn’t start to pursue that dream seriously until she was 18. In addition to winning the Orange County Music Award, she has been voted one of the top five artists in Orange County for Best Live Acoustic Female. This debut CD launches her firmly on the national scene, and hopefully there is a  lot yet to come from this talented young singer/songwriter.

 Beautiful Distraction
Words & Music by Marianne Keith
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Bruce Witkins & Ryan Dorn
Unison Music Studios, Los Angeles

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