There is something magical about the Baroque period of composing, and certainly some of the greatest composers have, if not their foot in the water, they at least have a wet toe or two. Gabriela is a very fine player, and one that feeds by adding her own unique improvisations.

Released on the EMI Classics label this is ‘ear candy’ by Anyone’s estimation. Her abilities on the Grand Piano are outstanding. One aspect that I found amusing was the location that this CD was recorded in. Abby Road in London is famous as the Beatles recording studio, and not so well known as a place for the creation of fine art!

The choices of pieces featured are wide ranging, and endearingly performed. From a lively rendition of Handel’s ‘Hallelujah’, to a very fine version of J. S. Bach’s fabulous Prelude, and thrown in for good measure Vivaldi’s Winter. This lady moves around the composers with ease while still retaining her musical identity. This is a skill that few performers have.

A real treat on this CD is the final track ‘Continuum’, let me guess, you can not quite place the composer of it? The answer is simple, she wrote it! And a very delightful adventure into classical styling it is.

Her music is always refreshing, she exudes style and confidence. She is also willing to do what few musicians are, twice a month Gabriella is going to play live on the Internet, the music will be by fan request! With her wonderful improvisations I cannot see anything but great things happening. If you are interested in hearing more of this wonderful pianist you can get Baroque from Amazon, and you can check out her live performances at

Simon Barrett

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