I think the best way of describing this Goth oriented band is, Bobby Pickett (Monster Mash) having a bad acid trip while being pursued by Alien Zombies through the New Jersey movie set used in The Toxic Avenger.

Oh, that was a little strong, wasn’t it? Basically this style of Goth does not work for me, and Attrition are too accomplished to get associated with this deplorable abuse of musical instruments.

I suppose that we can give them a little slack, this album was recorded in 1983-1984, and lets face it, the music scene in England at that time was a mess! Punk, Metal, and just about every other genre you can think of was alive and well, and assaulting our poor ear drums!

Attrition consisted of: Martin Bowes (Vocals/Electronics), Julia/Chryzz (Vocals/Bass/Percussion), and Ashley Niblock (Keyboards/ Electronics). These are some very gifted musicians, I can only assume that they were having a ‘bad day’ when they recorded this album.

I personally will pass on listening to this album a second time, but, if it sounds like your kind of thing, you can get your own copy from MVD (you can also listen to a streaming audio clip on the MVD site).

Simon Barrett


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