The Aspirant trilogy of CD’s comes from the early 90’s, Sunshadows was the final installment. New Age was the ‘New Thing’, New Age also represented a new market, and a new musical direction. Listeners were looking for peace and tranquility, a way to escape, if only for a few minutes, from the bang, crash, and stress of everyday life. And don’t knock the New Agers! My wife and I were recently invited to a New Age concert, and to say the least I was surprised, it was more akin to attending the Oscars than a concert. The only person we saw wearing jeans and a t-shirt was the guy running the sound board.

Rick Wakeman is not a name usually associated with this genre, in fact I was a little taken aback myself. However if you look at Rick’s long and illustrious career it becomes easy to understand that Rick can turn his ‘composing’ and playing hand to just about anything he wants. From Moog, to Melletron, Harpsichord to Grand Piano, if it involves a keyboard the chances are, Rick Wakeman can play it, and compose for it.

Aspirant Sunshadows is a delightful collection of soft almost lullabyish tunes. Billed as music to relax by, it more than lives up to its promise. Had a bad day at work? Just put Sunshandows on the player, dim the lights, and let Rick Wakeman perform what can be best described as an aural massage to take the stress away.

All of the tracks are original Rick Wakeman compositions, and performed by Rick.

You can get your own copy of Aspirant Sunshadows from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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