I am a huge Rick Wakeman fan, and have been since the his early 1970’s debut with The Strawbs, this guy can do no wrong in my eyes. I had the opportunity to Interview Rick last year, and an entertaining guy he is.

Aspirant Sunset is the second album of the Aspirant trilogy, it was initially recorded in 1991, and has been unavailable for some years. Voiceprint out of the UK have remastered all three Aspirant albums and have them available in CD.

Aspirant was a divergence from the style that we normally expected from Rick Wakeman in the early 90’s, ex Yes keyboard player, rock opera creator, thematic album producer, he had pretty much ran the gamut of styles. With Aspirant Rick took an entirely new direction, New Age relaxation. All of the tunes are harmonic, relaxing, and very gentle.

When Aspirant was first released, it seemed out of place and very un Wakeman like. Yet in many ways it signaled the direction that he would take later on. Based on his 2007 releases, clearly Rick has hung up his Moog Synthesiser, Melotron, and other electronica, his weapon of choice these days is the Grand Piano, and an excellent job he does with it. Amazing Grace is a spectacular DVD.

If you are looking for some quiet time, I can recommend Aspirant Sunset, or in fact any of the Aspirant trilogy.

Aspirant Sunset is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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