Rogue Male were an interesting band, formed in the mid 80’s they had a brief time in the spotlight. Animal Man was their second foray into the recording world, and likely their best. They are mostly described as a metal band, but they certainly had aspects of glam about them.

It is high time that the world had the opportunity to experience this band one more time. Animal Man was originally released in 1986, but is as fresh today as it was then. The band was the brain child of Jim Lyttle, who, at least in my mind was not quite sure what direction he wanted to take the music in. Today we refer to it as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but it was really not a very cohesive style, bands took off in all the points of the musical compass.

One of the more amusing aspects of this re-release are the sleeve notes, they were clearly written on this side of the pond ‘The band was formed in 1985 in Belfast, UK..”. I can think of no-one in the UK that would say such a thing. Belfast is Northern Ireland!

This album is good solid, albeit mainstream metal. Created when Metal was in its formative stage, it does demonstrate quite well the genre, and where it was going to head in the future years.

You can pick up your copy of Animal Man from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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