Andrew Calhoun and Campground
Bound to Go
Waterbug Records

Thirty five tracks drawn from the hope, healing,despair, pain, love and faith of the African American spiritual tradition are what Andrew Calhoun and his musical friends offer on Bound to Go. Most of the tracks a quite short, a verse or two, a minute or two in passing. In some ways it could be heard as a conversation among those souls on the journey risking freedom in slavery times, where many of these song have their origin.

The project itself came in part from an experience Calhoun had of sitting with his mother, a long time activist for social and civil rights causes, and singing to her as she was dying, passing on, Calhoun and his family came to feel, to freedom. As a musician Calhoun n had long been aware of music’s power to stir emotions; this experience sent him on a deeper journey into the emotional a spiritual roots of African American music. He writes about the journey in the liner notes which come along with this recording, and he gives brief stories about the songs and comments from the friends who joined him on the recording. The real result is in the music they share, though, both familiar songs such as Go to Sleep My Baby and No More Cane on the Brazos and ones that may be less well known. A natural, powerful sharing of song, discovery, and emotion. One has to think that somewhere, Calhoun’s mother is smiling as she joins in the singing. Tyisha Williams, Dave Moore, Fred Campeau, and Richard Shindell are among the members of Campground who support and share in Calhoun’s vision for the music.

Kerry Dexter is a contributing writer at the folk and world music magazine Dirty Linen. and the.former folk music editor at She also writes about music, the arts, and creative practice at the award winning blogMusic Road

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