This is one of those albums that you listen to and go ‘hmmm’. Based in Germany Andi Sexgang and his band The Sex Gang Children have been a staple in the Goth movement.

Inventing New Destruction is the second of three new albums recorded and released by Andi in 2006. The album was recorded in Berlin and features Matthew Saw and DJ Ragnar.

This is definitely an acquired taste. And I have to admit that Andi is not on my menu. I found the music very disjointed, wandering aimlessly in a landscape of pure hell. No doubt that is the attraction of the Goth movement, but I found it about as attractive as road kill.

I thought I knew the Goth music style, and to me this was not the genre I am used to, I am really not sure what it is, but listenable music it is not.

If you feel you need to try it, you can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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