Chris Brann is the power behind this operation, he very much is a chameleon with his music style. He slips neatly in and out of music genres faster than most of us can find a change of shirt. He is most well known as a majordomo of the dance club scene Fire Flower actually takes us into a new part of Chris, we start to see some of his true musical skills rather than just re-hashes of other peoples work.

Pretty much you can sum it up as electronica meets music!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this highly listenable offering. Chris is assisted ably by Heather Johnson, Kai Martin, Avery Sunshine, Heidi Vogel, and Julius Speed, all of who add their own unique touch to the finished product.

There is almost a jazz feel to parts of this album. Chris Brann produces a very danceable product with Fire Flower and I am sure it will be a huge hit within that milieu.

The Ananda Project is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett  

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