Move to the Music

Only two years after forming, “Southern-fried garage-rock” quartet American Bang has already performed with The Donnas, The Black Crowes, .38 Special, Lynrd Skynrd and even the legendary ZZ Top. Now that the band is in the studio recording their first full-length album (dropping early next year), their first major-label EP is set to prepare a fanbase.

Starting off, the title track, which is already featured in Verizon’s new Motorola Q campaign, immediately gets the band’s raw/live rock vibe into the listener’s ears. Similar to Kings of Leon, though a little more contemporary in their dress and presentation, American Bang offers 70s styled rock tunes that both modern and classic rock fans can groove to.

“Good as Gold” is the best track on the album, and the most reminiscent of Kings of Leon, while “American Ride” seems to be where American Bang really displays their no-holds-barred performance style. Running over six minutes long and featuring soaring guitar riffs, a fast-paced beat and screamingingly melodic vocals, it’s an impressive showcase of rock as it was intended to be played.

“Everything we’ve been doing for the last two years has been building up to getting to make this album that we have been hearing in our heads,” says American Bang’s drummer Neil Mason. “our goal is to leave everyone knowing exactly who American Bang are and show that we’re planning on sticking around and making kick-ass rock’n’roll for a long time to come!” If the EP is any indicator, which it’s obviously intended to be, American Bang have sent out their message loud and clear.

Move to the Music includes the following tracks:

1. Move to the Music
2. Good as Gold
3. All Night Long
4. American Ride

Zach’s Rating: B+
Kings of Leon fan’s rating: A-
King of Queens fan’s rating: C

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For more information on American Bang, including tour dates, visit their homepage

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