The Chipmunks are back!  Celebrating their 50th anniversary with the release of ‘Undeniable,’ this new album was produced by Ross Bagdasarian, Janice Karman and Ali “Dee” Theodore.

 When I received this album, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The chipmunks were a phenomenon when I was young, much loved and adored.  Many happy hours were spent listening to their music and I have been a devoted fan for years.  Would the new chipmunk sound spoil all the memories and warm feelings their music used to give?

I was pleasantly surprised when I was treated to the new upbeat sound that makes you want to tap your feet and dance a little jig.  Listeners will be treated to different musical styles that include a little bit of rock, reggae, hip hop, and rap.  Included on this album are remakes of two classical hits, ‘We’re The Chipmunks,’ and ‘Ho Ho Ho,’ that added a bit of nostalgia.

 This album succeeds in bringing Alvin and The Chipmucks into the 21st century.  Some diehard fans may not like the new modern sound, but those who evolve with the chipmunks will enjoy it.  The up and coming generation of children are sure to be captivated by the catchy tunes.

This album is perfect for fans who love different styles of music.  Diehard fans who prefer the nostalgia sound should stay away.  I give this album an A for creativity and entertainment.

J Elizabeth LaFon

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