Juan Pablo Torres was without doubt one of the finest ‘salsa’ saxophonists to come out of Cuba. Born in 1946 he mastered his art growing up in his native Cuba where he was a highly respected musician. While touring in Spain in 1992 he defected and finally settled in Miami, Florida. This was when he started to make his mark in the US with his uniquely flavored music. Alas in 2005 he died, and that was a sad day for lovers of the ‘Latin’ music style.

The soon to be released Algo Nuevo is actually two of his earlier CD’s combined into one, ‘Con todas los hierros’, and ‘Super-son’ both of which were originally released in 1977. All of the tracks have been remastered and cleaned up. The quality of the sound is superb, this could have been recorded yesterday using the very latest studio equipment.

Unless you are a big fan of ‘Latin’ music this likely would not be a CD that you would put on for listening pleasure, but it certainly would work great as the background for a Latin inspired party. So crank up the BBQ and get busy making some Carne Asada and enjoy a bottle or two of Hatuey beer with your guests while Juan Pablo Torres works his magic Sax.

You can purchase Algo Nuevo online through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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