All I can say is “its a damn small world”. I put this CD on the player not knowing what to expect, the name Alan Davey while vaguely familiar did not set off any bells and whistles. I listened to the first 30 seconds, and was already formulating the opening for the review, something along the lines of ‘Boy this reminds me of Hawkwind, this is space rock’. My next move was to hit Google to fins out more about Alan Davey, I laughed when I read his bio, yes indeed he is part of Dave Brock’s Hawkwind, this is a solo album.

While not as synth heavy as Hawkwind, Alan Davey manages to capture the style with great aplomb. I liked this CD a lot, this is my kind of music. Captured Rotation was originally released in the 90’s and has become a bit of a collectors item, there were not many copies pressed, and it has become a much sought after item on eBay. This remastered version is superior in every way to the original, and is a must have for any Hawkwind fan.

Also appearing on this album is former Hawkwind vocalist Ron Tree.

This is great stuff, a must have for us aging hippies!This album has been called the ‘lost Hawkwind album’, well it is lost no more!

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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