Absolute GarbageI am weak, but I am strong.
I can use my tears to bring you home.

Crooned softly by Shirley Manson in the hit Milk, and backed up by the trip-pop sound of the band, these lyrics take on a greater meaning than could possibly be felt by just reading them. Encapsulating the image Manson portrays in music videos, songs, and on tour, these lyrics seem to define her persona. With her beautifully damaged voice revealing tormented pain and intense, hard-fought inner-strength, all of Garbage’s lyrics slowly entrance the listener into a sense of strange calm-before-the storm sensibility, all the while dangerously enticing the ears with a subtle vampiress-like affectation.

After four albums and seven Grammy nominations, Garbage is finally releasing its first “best of” collection. This cd collection of their 18 greatest hits, Absolute Garbage, ties in nicely with the release of the DVD of the same title. The DVD includes 15 Garbage music videos and an hour of backstage, live, and interview footage.

Playing through this 18-song collection is like revisiting old friends. Only these songs really aren’t that old. But with the popularity of the band peaking in the late 90’s with Garbage and Version 2.0 followed by the unfortunate post-9/11 (October 2, 2001) release of Beatifulgarbage and the disappointing sales of Bleed Like Me in 2005, Absolute Garbage almost feels like a reunion with a group that’s been MIA for longer than they actually have.

With huge hits like Special, I Think I’m Paranoid, When I Grow Up, Stupid Girl, and the Bond theme The World is Not Enough this best of cd has condensed a four-album collection into the bare minimum for quality maximization. The dreamy sound loops and punctuated drum rhythms make the entire cd feel like one long, flowing song, with brief breaks in between each act. Like most best-of collections, any fan has heard this all before, except, obviously for the new addition album tantilizer Tell Me Where It Hurts (recorded in January of this year). Having all the hits on one album, though, does have its privileges, and until Garbage releases an entirely new album, Absolute Garbage is the next best thing.

To purchase Absolute Garbage (out on July 24th), visit Amazon
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