Great artist, great CD, I like it a lot, but let me explain my dilemma. I played this CD while my wife Jan was around, we are not even half way through November, but she is in high Christmas gear as a result of this CD. Generally CD’s get played once in this household, and once played they go on the ‘Done Pile’, and when the pile hits the ceiling we put them in boxes and hide them!

Not so, for this CD, Jan is doing her best to wear it out! I have no idea how many times a CD can be played before it loses it’s musical luster, but it must be a large number!

This is a great CD, it is perfect to get you in the Christmas spirit. Michael Bolton is no slouch in the music industry, a little bit of ‘Googling’ reveals that he has sold more than 53 million albums in his career. Thats not bad for a kid growing up in New Haven, Connecticut in the 50’s.

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas album to accompany a party, or just to listen to with your main squeeze, oops I meant wife, this is it. Jan has been singing along with this CD for days!

The playlist has all of the very best Christmas tunes, from ‘Walkin in a Winter Wonderland‘, ‘White Christmas‘, ‘Let it snow’, through a great rendition of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, and a wonderfully romantic version of ‘Silent Night’.

A Swingin’ Christmas is available through Concord.

Simon Barrett

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