Former Marillion frontman Derek Dick better known as Fish has created quite the classic Prog Rock spectacular in 13th Star. With almost 30 years experience in the industry we should not be surprised by the high quality of music.

Fish handles the vocals, while Steve Vantsis plays and programs just about every instrument and gizmo known to man, Frank Usher plays a mean guitar, and Foss Patterson handles the ivories, Piano, Organ, accordion, etc. Yes I did say accordion, which is an instrument not usually associated with the Prog Rock genre, but neither is the squeeze box or the dulcimer, but Frank manages to ‘squeeze’ all of these instruments into his performance.

The band is rounded out with Gavin Griffiths on drums, Chris Johnson on guitars, Dave Haswell percussion, and Lorna Bannon supplying some backing vocals.

This is sophisticated music, 13th Star is well laid out and skillfully constructed. Although this is a studio album, I think this group of skilled musicians could pull it off live.

With 4 albums with Marillion and 8 on his own, the name 13th Star may seem an obvious title for this album. That is not the case though. The name refers to women that have influenced his life, Mother, ex wife, girlfriends, etc.

You can get your own copy of 13th Star from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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