Singer/songwriter Boz Scaggs continues his 40 year career with “Speak Low,” a mellow set of Jazz and classic standards such as Duke Ellington’s “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me,” Hart and Rogers’ “She Was Too Good To Me,” and Buddy Woodrow Johnson’s “Save Your Love For Me.”

The years have treated Mr. Scaggs well as he caresses each song with a smooth, easy tone. He interprets them with the reverence they deserve in a well paced, straight ahead vocal style.

The musicians seem to effortlessly float along on these warmly recorded tracks, complementing Mr. Scaggs as he gently guides us through a generation of great music and lyrics.

If you’re planning a cozy weekend with someone special this holiday season, I recommend “Speak Low” as part of your mood-setting songs rotation.

In fact here is a sample from Speak Low, give a listen to Invitation.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon, you may also want to check out the official Boz Scaggs web site.

Horace W. Morris, Jr.

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