The Irish invasion of North America is in full swing! Suddenly I seem to be inundated with music from the Emerald Isle. Bob Roesy is an Irish singer/songwriter, with a light rock feel about his compositions. Colour Me Colourful (and before you email me about my mis-spelling, that is the way the Brits spell color) is Roesy’s fourth album, and each one just gets better.

His resume is impressive, and he has appeared with a number of big ticket acts in his time including the always enigmatic Donavon.

Colour Me Colourful is a testament to the great talent that Ireland has kept hidden. Roesy is hard to pigeon hole, light rock mostly, but there is also a distinctively Jazz undertone in his musical phrasing.

Bob Roesy prefers to select musicians specifically for the song involed, however he does seem to tely on a basic core, Ken McHugh on electric guitar and synth, Elton Mullally on bass, and Cormac Dunne on drums.

I liked this CD a lot, easy to listen to, lyrical, and very well produced and engineered. There is a web site for Roesy, though it is still only in the embryonic stage, and currently just takes you instead to his MySpace page, on the MySpace page you can sample his style of music.

To get your own copy of Colour Me Colourful try MVD.

Simon Barrett

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