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The Clay County Sheriff’s Office released this update in the murder case of 7-year-old Somer Thompson whose body was found in a Georgia landfill in October 2009:

“The latest leads/tips total is 4,474. A small portion of these remain open/active and are still being worked aggressively by the investigative team, or as we call it “Team Somer.”

There is a large quantity of evidence that remains at the lab and we are still waiting on test results to come back from these scientists. In regards to this evidence, we remain hopeful that results will point us in the right direction in regards to Somer’s killer. A wait of this length is not completely uncommon due to the amount of evidence submitted to the lab and the type of testing being conducted.

This investigation may now be described as focused and streamlined.

Even with the paring down of calls/emails to our team regarding the case, there is still plenty for the detectives to work on while we wait for the lab to do its painstaking work.

The supervisors on this case are also staying in communication with Diena Thompson and her family, keeping her up to date on the work being done.

As with any case, we remain committed to not releasing any details about the case that would hamper our efforts to arrest the person responsible.”

TJ Hart

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