Lara Logan, 37, is a CBS former reporter in Iraq and Afghanistan that has won several top awards for her coverage there, including an Emmy and Overseas Press Club Award. She has recently been promoted as the networks chief foreign affairs correspondent and reassigned to Washington.

Logan says the baby is due in January. She stated this wasn’t planned but she is looking forward to being a mom. “Since 9/11 I’ve spent 95% of my time on the road and I do need a home at some point. I do need to settle down. I’ve been living like a refugee,” she said. reports that the reporter, who has been labeled as “the other woman” in a bitter Texas divorce case is now pregnant. She told Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz that Joseph Burkett, a federal contractor is the father of her baby.

Burkett is separated from his wife who lives in Texas with their 3 year old daughter. Burkett’s wife has publicly accused Logan of breaking her marriage up. She reportedly took an overdose of tranquilizers after Burkett told her he was leaving her for Logan.

Logan is going through a divorce herself from Chicago-based energy lobbyist Jason Siemon right now that is expected to be finalized in two weeks. They were married in 1998. She says she expects to marry Burkett but just doesn’t know when. 

Jan Barrett

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