My wife and I receive a good deal of Email traffic on the subject of missing children, a subject that should be the exception rather than the rule. Alas missing children seem to have become the latest ‘hot’ criminal item. One of the grumbles that Jan and I hear are that we only cover certain cases. Well, there is a good reason, we have limited resources, and there unfortunately are only 24 hours in the day!

We like to cover a story as well as we can.

Caylee Anthony had 100% of our attention, if you search Google you will see that. We continue to monitor the case, but, the little girl is no longer with us. Caylee Anthony’s mother sits in jail munching snacks purchased by idiots that put money into her jail account. Casey Anthony faces a murder charge, and unfortunately it likely will not be until next spring that she will have to face the court room. Her attorney Jose Bozo Baez prefers to spend his time spreading the guilt wherever he can, Zanny the Nanny, Jessie Grund, etc. Of course there is this huge question of who is paying his bill? Poke into that area, and some interesting names pop up. If I had the time and resources I would love to explore more, but the fact is, Caylee Anthony is dead. Do not get me wrong, I want justice. Everyone in the immediate family deserves punishment. Also the dubious ‘Trusts’ and ‘Non Profits’. This case is not about justice, it is about profit! Books, TV, and Movie deals abound. These people are nothing but animals!

Haleigh Cummings was the next missing child that Blogger News got involved in. Having invested seven months and who knows how many hours into this case, all I can say is, I am damn glad I am not related to any of the dysfunctional idiots that are family to these escapees from the movie Deliverance!

I think it would be fair to say that the combined IQ’s of the Cummings and Croslin family’s could not gain entrance to MENSA. Most of them run around with IQ’s that match their hat size!

We hope that Haleigh Cummings is still alive and well. I talk to people daily on this case. One day I will share some of the information. But not until we find Haleigh Cummings.

Adji Desir has received little media attention. I don’t want to play the ‘race’, ‘sex’, or ‘Mentally challenged’ card. But, all of them come into play. Adji is male, that immediately loses interest, missing kids need to be young females with cute hair and winning smiles. Adji does not fit the mold, he is 6 years old, but is challenged, his mental age is put at 2, he is male, and he is black. Should this make a difference? NO NO NO! But it has, Adji Desir gets no press. For those of you interested you can go here to read about Adji missing.

The dysfunctional Anthony’s, Croslin’s, and Cummings make the news. What happened to the Desir’s?

Where is Adji?

Simon Barrett

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