One has to love CNN, they rarely actually cover news any more. Over the years they have eroded the news business to something that only Spike TV watchers could love. There are several CNN persona that I find grating, the biggest idiot has to be Lou Dobbs, this guy should probably have a body guard when he goes to the supermarket. Lou, bless his little cotton socks has managed to outrage just about everyone except Rush Limbaugh.

Nancy Grace, is not far behind Lou, she is obnoxious,. She has surrounded herself with ‘has beens’ and ‘wanna be’s’ but actually does not tell us anything we have not heard.

In typical Nancy Grace style we were given an hour of old news and pointless commentary about the disappearance of three year old Caylee Anthony. Among Nancy’s guests was Cowboy Hatted Californian Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla. A couple of days ago he was using exotic words like Pyrrhic, today his IQ was slightly smaller than his hat size. He put forth the theory that the borrowed shovel might have been used to fish the dead body of little Caylee out of the swimming pool. Doh!

I used to think there was two types of dumb, there was the naturally dumb, and the learned dumb. I realize I was wrong, there is now the Padilla dumb. And Padilla dumb trumps the other styles!

The good news in all of this, is that a not so secret Grand Jury is meeting tomorrow to look at handing down a Murder One recommendation for Casey Anthony. Wow, that will put a cramp in Casey Anthony’s fun. Better still, it is possible that the entire family could find themselves in trouble.

As a reporter, I am always looking for ways that I can make a story. I happen to know a couple of ex FBI honchos. So I bounced the idea off them, this was the response.

I wouldn’t want to make the investigators’ job any harder here – I’ve been there. We might get some attention, but we’d end up looking no better than the hundreds of talking heads who are already blathering about Caylee’s case.

This gave me pause for thought. Yes, Nancy grace is out there for ratings. It really does not matter that she chews the same information day after day. There is always someone that is willing to appear on the show, and an almost endless of idiot phone questions.

Simon Barrett

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