Santa will have to wait another year to make that determination. For the rest of us, we can only rely on news reports. Lee Anthony was vocal at the beginning of the Caylee Anthony search, claiming his sister was not the murderer, and he would stand by her through this terrible ordeal.

Time may not solve crimes, but it certainly puts them in some perspective. Lee was outspoken in the beginning, then dropped off the Anthony map. Too busy we were told, has a business to run we are told. Why then, does he suddenly feel the need to retain legal council?

Even stranger is his legal adviser, Thomas Luka. A search of the Orange County Clerk Of Court site has no records of who this person is. A quick explore in the world of Google did reveal some information, Thomas Luka is indeed a lawyer. His web site is and he claims to have experience with a wide variety of cases.

Of course I wanted to find out more, there was one page on his site that I wanted to explore, it claimed that he had been featured in both print and TV for his good deeds.


Oops, none of the links worked.


Maybe this is indicative of the entire case? Few of the links make any sense. George and Cindy spent huge amounts of time being in the spotlight, but not actually doing anything, Casey enjoyed the spotlight, but only if it involved a pole, and certainly did little to find her missing child, unless she was convinced that Caylee was lurking in a night club, maybe masquerading as a judge in a hot body competition.

Lee has remained a bit of a dark horse, but this latest development suddenly throws him into the primordial soup that this case has become.

Simon Barrett

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