Local 6 News is reporting that the State Attorney’s Office has plans on presenting its case to a grand jury next week. They will decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to charge Casey Anthony with homicide charges in connection to the disappearance of little Caylee Anthony.

Caylee has been missing since mid June and her mother has refused to cooperate with authorities in finding her. Now her attorney says on National TV that to talk now would not be in his client’s best interest.

Caylee still hasn’t been found but authorities are so convinced that she is no longer alive that they are ready to go forth with what they have now to charge Anthony in connection with the death of her daughter. It is not known yet though if it will be for murder or manslaughter.

Recently new documents were released including a surveillance video clearly showing Casey Anthony shopping in Central Florida stores using the stolen checks she has been accused of stealing from her friend Amy Huizenga. Copies of checks that Casey wrote with one that she even signed her own name to were released too.

The day Casey was arrested on child neglect charges she was wearing a blue hoodie with the number 82 on it. In the surveillance tape just released today she is seen at a Target Store buying that same hoodie outfit. The investigators say she used a stolen check to make that purchase.

According to Local 6 News if Casey is found guilty on all of the 13 check fraud charges she could be sentenced to up to 65 years in prison. I say find her guilty of that and then find her guilty of murder and give her life without benefit of parole EVER.

Tuesday the Orange County Sheriff’s Office told the neighbors of the Anthony’s that they have placed a surveillance camera on a lamp post on Hopespring Drive aiming at the Anthony’s home so they might monitor any future problems between the Anthony’s and the protesters.

I say this might be a good thing, especially if they find a judge that is having a really bad day that they can get to grant Casey her request to go out and search for her daughter secretly. Although I just can’t see this happening but who knows. This case has had some seriously surprisingly twists so at this point I wouldn’t be surprised at what happens next. My advice is if they do give her this permission, they better plant a motion device inside her body that would be impossible for her to remove.

A spokesman, Todd Black, for Jose Baez told MyFoxOrlando.com that Baez has his own investigators out of state to get a photo of the real Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez that Casey says took Caylee. Black claims that the picture was taken at a park with the woman that they claim is the babysitter, Casey and Caylee but is is not known when the picture was taken. Black says they have been trying for weeks to find the man that has the picture and now that they have they have sent a team there to interview him.

I ask…. Are we REALLY supposed to believe this one? How many times has someone on the Anthony’s side in this case told the public that something positive has been done to bring us closer to finding little Caylee. Every time it looks like authorities get one step closer it is as though the Anthony’s and Baez gets nervous so they have to come out with something else to cause a diversion here.

If someone had this picture after all this time, surely they would have come forward with it to help identify this mysterious babysitter. They would not have had to be found, especially with such a large cash reward being offered. I have come to see that nothing Casey says surprises me anymore but the fact that she has her family and now even Jose Baez covering for her is hard to figure. How can this woman have convinced an educated man like Jose Baez that she is telling the truth?

Another thing that really bugs me is what exactly does Casey Anthony do in her attorney’s office from 10 am to 4 pm every day 5 days a week? I have always been charged by the hour with anything involving an attorney. They do not come cheap so what is up with that? What were the courts thinking when they approved of her going there for 6 hours a day?

I hope Caylee is found soon, my heart just can’t take much more. She needs to be found so that she can be laid to rest unless of course by some miracle that she has survived this whole ordeal and is actually alive out there somewhere. We all know that this would be truly a miracle but I for one do believe in them so one never knows. God Bless you Caylee, we still love you!

Jan Barrett

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