It does not take a law degree or a PHD to figure out that Jose Baez and his team have made a quantum error in getting rid of Judge Strickland. The new guy, Judge Perry runs a very tight ship, one that I am sure is frustrating Baez to the max.

Todays shenanigans concerned the ‘Death Penalty Phase’ of the case. Excuse my ignorance, but unless I am much mistaken Casey Anthony has only been found guilty of writing some bad checks on her friends account. While I cannot condone the idea of stealing someones check book and buying a case of Bud Light and various other items, it hardly seems like a crime that someone should lose their life over.

Why is the courts time being used to discuss a ‘what if’ matter?

I was not there in person, but watched most of the proceedings on the live video feed.

I guess the biggest question in my mind is why would you need an ‘expert’ (yes the quote marks are there for a reason) to discuss a purely hypothetical question? I wonder how much the Tax Payers paid?

A witness was brought in from New Mexico just to talk about how mean courts are to mothers who kill their daughters! Gender discrimination was the ploy. I can’t even conceive of a more stupid argument. Our expert explained that she has studied ALL of the cases involving this phenom. In the next sentence she tells us that the number is four or five.

Why are they even talking about the death penalty when the trial has not even started?

Andrea Lyon got on her soap box, the State is not playing fair, she tells us. To seek the death penalty you need to have an ‘aggravating circumstance”, there are 15 possibilities, and the prosecution has only ruled of 9 of them.

The Defense whined long and hard about the Discovery process. In a pretty clear statement the Prosecution pointed out that they would be willing to show Jose Baez their case, but only if he reciprocated with his defense strategy.

My wife Jan usually likes to watch the soap operas. This morning she was glued to the live feed.

Baez has an uphill battle on his hands. His new ‘best friend’ Cheney Mason’ might just have tipped the scale. Andrea Lyon also seemed to have avoided scoring any points today. The Defense asks, the Prosecution answers. Ms Lyon led the court on a merry excursion, but when it was said and done, she failed miserably.

My recollection is Denied, Denied, Denied!

Simon Barrett

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