Casey Anthony is free once again with the same conditions as before wth her having to wear the ankle monitor. Apparently George and Cindy Anthony has signed a promissory note to get her out of jail for the bond. Anthony had been held on multiple charges including child neglect, lying to investigators, petty theft and use of a forged check, but hasn’t been charged with her daughter, Caylee Anthony’s disappearance.

OK now I have been following this case since the beginning. I’d like to know if the Anthony’s could afford to sign such a note this time, how come they didn’t do that the first time she was trying to get out on bond. Could this by some chance mean that they have suddenly come into a large sum of money?

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that they have these professional looking body guards to protect this little spoiled brat as she left the jail today. Although I think she might need the body guards to show her face in public, because this girl along with her mother seem to be making more enemies than Osama Bin Laden. Since when can anyone find a bodyguard for free or do the Anthony’s suddenly have enough money to pay for them?

Cindy Anthony has trashed Tim Miller and Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla in the past few days. She seems to turn against anyone that doesn’t want to go along with what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it. Sounds like Cindy Anthony is also a spoiled brat too. No wonder her daughter is like she is.

So many rumors are going around. So many theories, ranging from incest to premeditated murder. No one knows the truth but the Anthony family. Yes, I did mean the Anthony family. Leonard Padilla was on the Nancy Grace Show and he seems to think that once the test results came in from Tennessee and the FBI tests, Casey told her brother Lee what happened and then Lee told Cindy. He thinks that George is being kept out of the loop. In fact he even stated that he feels sorry for George.

In the beginning of this story I felt sorry for the Anthony’s. As a grandmother myself I put myself in their shoes and couldn’t imagine how much pain they were in to know their granddaughter was missing. The more the story unfolded the more my mind was changing. When I saw how Cindy got in front of the cameras defending her brat daughter saying dumb things like it isn’t against the law to lie. She has changed her story involving this case as much as Casey has. As soon as she learns that she hasn’t convinced anyone of her version of what happened she changes the story to something else. I mean how many ways can you explain the smell in the trunk of the car that she herself first told the 911 operator that smelled like there was a dead body in the damn car. When the police prove her wrong she comes up with another answer sounding as if it is a definite explanation.

It doesn’t take a professional to put two and two together to figure out that something doesn’t add up here with this family. It’s funny that when Casey is behind bars Cindy makes sure she has her say in front of every camera that approaches her but when the little brat is home she dodges the press unless it is of course on national TV such as ABC’s 20/20 maybe? I read somewhere online tonight that Cindy and George were suppose to be guests on the show tonight. How convenient for them!

Rumor had it that ABC offered them one million dollars for an exclusive interview. ABC claims that rumor is not true saying it is not their policy to pay anyone for an interview. ABC News said it did license the home video and photographs that you’ll see in the report. The term means that a news division pays a fee for material it uses. But the Anthony’s new attorney Mark NeJame said the family didn’t get any money for anything.

Protesters were outside the Anthony home tonight and the police showed up telling them they could stay but they had to quit yelling out things because the noise was disturbing the other neighbors.

“There’s people out there looking, spending their time and their days looking for her daughter and she [Casey] knows where she’s at. That’s ridiculous,” protester Jeff Swick said.

There was some people that reported that they showed up at the Anthony’s to help search for Caylee, which is suppose to be top priority here ((I thought) but they claim no one answered the door. I guess it is more important to get Casey a hot shower and a good hot meal to help settle her in after her latest visit to the Orange County Jail.

Remember the large billboard sign that George and Cindy claimed they were going to drive all over with until they found their granddaughter? Well apparently the president of the Homeowner’s Association in the Anthony’s neighborhood has had the sign towed away after it was set up in front of their house because officials say it was blocking the sidewalk.

I am sorry if I sound cold but I do think that Casey is guilty here, maybe not of actual murder but I do think she played a major role as to what has happened that caused Caylee to disappear. The fact alone that she refuses to talk tells me something about her. When ever she does say anything it is a lie just like her mother. Whatever the case may be I hope that Caylee is found soon so this nightmare can finally end for everyone.

Caylee our heart and prayers are with you still sweetie, where ever you are!

Jan Barrett

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