Caylee Marie Anthony was only 2 years old when she disappeared in thin air or so her mother says. Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony is being held at the Orange County Jail on first degree murder charges of her daughter that was last seen around June 15, 2008. Now to hear her side of the story, everyone and their cousins are suspects but not her. She claims she is innocent and intends to take this to the court room because as her sleaze bag attorney says, “Casey wants her day in court.”

Never mind the tons of evidence building up everyday against Anthony. I guess we are suppose to believe that someone hates her so much that she is being set up to make her look like the guilty party. Well duh! I ain’t buying it. I think the evidence speaks for itself. One or two coincidences I could understand but there are just way too many coincidences in this case for it NOT to be Casey Anthony as the guilty party here.

Everyone has watched the jail house visits when George and Cindy Anthony went to see her. It was quite evident that Casey Anthony was nothing more than a spoiled little brat that ran the show from day one at home. Her own father called her the boss and she whined that she was the boss before going to jail but once she got locked up she wasn’t any longer and she wasn’t too happy about that.

On March 19, 2009, Casey turned 23 years old. Now I remember my 23rd birthday. I had family and friends around and we had a fun party. I had cake and ice cream and even gifts to open. Well all Casey had was a visit from two of her lawyers and a money order from dear old Dad. George deposited a money order for the amount of $100 into her account that she can use to make purchases of things she wants, like personal hygiene products, candy and other products on the list. Hell she gets better shopping sprees than most women I know do including me and she is sitting in jail. I thought being in jail was a punishment, not a luxury.

The two attorneys that visited her were Jose Garcia and Gabriel Adam. It seems that Baez didn’t make an appearance. I wonder if he was off making another business deal to sell something else of Caylee’s. However there was no visit from her Mom and Dad or from her brother Lee. I guess they are still pouting about not being able to visit their brat without the cameras on them. Oh wait, I forgot their lawyer did file that emergency motion claiming that George and Cindy Anthony were not psychologically strong enough to handle being deposed in the Zenaida Gonzalez defamation case so I guess they are not emotionally able to handle a visit with their daughter either.

In other news in this case it seems that the owners of the property where Caylee’s remains were found have decided to sell the land which still has the roadside memorial for her sitting on it. The real estate agency that is representing the owner for the sale has said that two people have already expressed interest in the section. The people in the area seem to have mixed feelings about the memorial being removed. Some say it should stay and others say it is time for it to come down.

Rumors have it that there has been a petition started to have the street name changed from Suburban Drive to Caylee Marie Anthony Drive and the school’s name also changed from Hidden Oaks Elementary School to Caylee Marie Anthony Elementary School. In a way I think this idea for the street name is good but I am not so sure about changing the name of the school too. Then again if they are going to do this, then how come they don’t start renaming streets in honor of all the other children who lost their life at the hands of a murderer? I am not saying Caylee wouldn’t deserve this but who would benefit from this. Good Lord the Anthony’s heads are swollen enough now, this would only give them more reason to believe that they can have anything they want.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the evidence they have against Casey Anthony. When she gets “her day in court” I hope they hang her and better yet I hope the cameras are on her directly so the world can see the expression on her face when they find her guilty. She is way too sure of herself where she stands right now. I want to see emotions then. I bet we see plenty of them because after all this will be all about her, not her precious daughter, Caylee.

The world loves you Caylee and you will never be forgotten. God bless you sweetie.

Jan Barrett

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