Casey Anthony has entered a not guilty plea on the latest 10 check fraud charges that were filed against her last week. She has also refused the right for an arraignment for these charges. Her attorney, Jose Baez has filed a discovery motion because he wants to know exactly what the state officials plan to use in order to take this case into court.

I don’t know, maybe it is just me but I know if this was me, I would be more worried about finding my daughter than keeping myself out of jail. They used the excuse before that Casey needed to be out of jail so she could help find Caylee. What is their excuse now for only being concerned about whether Casey is going to be spending time behind bars or not.

Have they forgotten that there is a little three year old girl missing that they try telling the cops and the public that is still alive? I mean, correct me if I am wrong here but the last time I heard it was only Casey under house arrest wearing an ankle monitor with limited places to go. I don’t recall any ankle bracelets on Cindy, George or Lee’s ankles. How come they aren’t out there looking for Caylee now. If they claim she is still alive and refuse to search swamps for a body, how come they gave up on the plan to drive around with the billboard? It seems like they only actively searched while Casey was still in jail. Well of course if they left their home right now who would wait on Casey at breakfast or lunch times or to rub her feet if they start aching?

I read that the Homeowner’s Association has filed an injunction to keep the protesters outside the Anthony home and force them into an empty lot at the end of the street. .a judge is expected to decide today whether protesters will still be allowed to voice their opinion about this case on the Anthony’s front lawn.

The attorney for the subdivision submitted papers last week and a representative for the 9th judicial circuit said that a judge should rule on their request for temporary injunction to limit protests.

The protesters include some that support the Anthony’s and some that clearly do not. The ones that do not have been yelling some profanity and even one man dropped off a profanity-laced sign in the Anthony yard and then took off in his car. I see all this has gotten out of hand. Someone needs to find little Caylee so there can be an end put to all of this. I, like millions of others would love for her to be found alive and with someone else like Casey has been claiming she is, but I seriously doubt that will happen. I haven’t given up on praying for Caylee to be found so a closure can be given here. She needs to find peace. We still love you Caylee. You are still the main focus here and some people in this world still think finding you are is priority.

Jan Barrett

Editor’s note: I have been gone for the past week because I have finally moved back to the states and am trying to get settled in but we are back online for Bloggernews now. Thanks for all the support you all have given us during this move. 🙂

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