Defense attorney Jose Baez never fails to amaze me, he always manages to come up with some classic  BS (Baez Stuff)! Today’s was magic, essentially Baez said that putting the Death Penalty back on the table would not make his client cop a plea deal!

What a joke!

What does Casey Anthony have to bargain with, her supply of Twinkie bars from the commissary?

The death penalty is a hard one to aim for, one mistake and it is lost. But I feel that in this case the prosecutors are on solid ground. Even though the death penalty is a hard sell when the client is 23, white, and has no prior convictions, this case is a little different.

For the prosecutors to put death back on the table clearly shows that they have something up their sleeve, an ace card if you will.

Florida is well known for it’s ‘Sunshine law’, evidence is shared at the behest of anyone that asks for it. I strongly suspect that there is one little aspect that the press has missed, and it is that speck of gold that is going to put Casey Anthony on death row.

The question is, what is that ‘smoking gun’? It is well known that prosecutors are loathe to seek the ultimate punishment in the case of young women, juries are fickle creatures and it only takes one squeamish juror and your case is in the toilet. Florida has 392 inmates on death row and only one is female.

So, we want to know what you think the ‘smoking gun’ is, leave a comment with your theory.

Simon Barrett

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