I guess the 35 year old mother of Caylee Anthony just can’t help but get herself into the spotlight once again. OK So bare with me because there have been different reports of exactly how this went down but I will try to include a couple of versions.

According to Click Orlando She was seen in a local bar in West Palm Beach Florida. We all know what a party goer she always was. Guess that will never change for her. Apparently the night was interrupted when she and another woman got into an argument over a man they were both seeing at the same time. The argument turned into a yelling match about the ex-boyfriend.

Now here is where I got confused. Click Orlando claim the woman spilled water on Anthony’s leg, and she wanted to make sure it was documented with the police department even though she wasn’t pressing charges on the woman. Hmmmm sounds to me like a plea for public attention. Who calls the police on someone spilling water on you?

Now intouchweekly is reporting a slightly different version. They say this woman who they identified as Thelma Moya, allegedly poured her drink on Anthony and Anthony wwanted the incident documented for future notice since this has been an ongoing issue between the two women for years.

Later on that evening Moya apparently made a call to the police with a story that Anthony threw a drink in her face according to People. When Anthony was questioned about this, of course she claimed Moya was an “archnemesis” that she used to be friends with before they both started dating the same man.

Well we all know who is the biggest liar ever. I am sorry, but I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. It has been over a decade now since her very clever lawyer, Jose Baez got her off the charges of killing her then 2 year old daughter, Caylee which made headlines worldwide.

Intouchweekly reported at least one of the male jurors on the panel of the case regrets his decision of acquitted. He now says his decision haunts him to this day. People claims he says if he were to get to do it over again he would push harder to convict her of one of the lesser charges like aggravated manslaughter or at least child abuse. He claims he doesn’t know what the hell he was doing, he was not standing up for what he believed in at the time.

Well I covered this story from the beginning, and I was shocked when the verdict came back. Jose Baez was a slick one that made his name from this case. I personally do not know how he or she can ever sleep in peace at night.

Caylee Anthony will never be forgotten. She was the victim in all this. As innocent as she was, she was still not protected as she should have been. Society let you down sweet angel. Although after all these years you still have not gained the justice you deserve. Your life was taken in vain and it just is not fair to you. The world loves you Caylee!!!! God be with you!

Oh and by the way I deliberately did NOT mention her mother’s name!

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