Casey Anthony met with her confinement officer today to talk about what times she would be allowed to leave her home and where she will be allowed to go. She has been restricted from leaving her house before 12:30 pm and when she does leave she has to return home by 4 pm.

After her visit with her confinement officer, Casey, who was joined shortly after by her attorney Jose Baez surrendered to authorities, and was charged with uttering a forged check, fraudulent use of identification and petty theft of $100 or more. This time the total for the bond for the new charges is $1250.

Orange county Sheriff’s Media relations spokesperson Carlos Padilla said, “The defendant was arrested without incident at the Orange County Jail following a scheduled visit with her home confinement release supervisor. She was with counsel at the time of her arrest and is expected to remain in custody until her first court appearance tomorrow.” It is a shame they can’t force her to stay in jail until she decides to talk. I say the hell with the Holiday Inn Treatment she is getting now and put her in with the bad guys and scare her into telling the truth.

Caylee’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony, went into a shouting match with one of the protesters that was in front of her home Saturday night. The woman yelled out to her calling her daughter, Casey a baby killer. They were screaming and cursing while Cindy was trying to put up the “No Trespassing” signs that had been torn out of the yard earlier. Caylee’s grandfather, called to report the incident.

A child of one of the protesters apparently got his arm caught in the door of the car as his mother was trying to leave. The father of the child reported that his son was fine but the mother was not available at the time to make a comment.

The Home Owners Association filed for an injunction with the ninth district court to try and get rid of the protesters in front of the Anthony home forcing them to go into an empty lot at the end of the street instead, which they expected to make a decision today. The courts have not made their decision yet though and there is no word as of right6 now when the judge will take up the case.

Friday audio recordings were released of the interview with Casey after she reported Caylee missing was analyzed by a local expert in voice stress analysis and it appears to have her worried. Susan Constantine told the Orlando Sentinel that she thinks she heard deception in Casey’s voice when she gave a long answer to a yes or no question. “Too much information is a true sign of lying,” Constantine said. She added that Casey’s answers seem rehearsed and she thinks her words did not coincide with the tone of her voice.

I have always thought that what she had to say to the authorities sounded like a speech she had practiced saying for a while. After all she did have the 30 days before she reported her then 2 year old daughter missing to practice what she was going to tell the police when they found out Caylee was missing. Casey Anthony is very manipulative and she knows just how to con people into doing just what she wants them to do and to believe every word that comes out of her mouth, except for this time. The time just might have come where all that will end. Let’s hope so anyway, because it is time this ends. Put Casey Anthony back in jail and put the focus back on finding Caylee. She is the one that is suppose to be in the spotlight here and she needs to be found.

Jan Barrett

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