George and Cindy Anthony took time out of their busy schedules this morning to fly to New York and appear Live on the Today Show where they were interviewed by Meredith Viera. I am assuming this was supposed to be part of their plan to search for Caylee Anthony, their granddaughter that has been missing since mid-June. Caylee’s mother, Casey, is being held in jail with no bond and is charged with first degree murder and other charges. It sounded to me like the whole interview was them pleading Casey’s innocence instead of finding Caylee.

George Anthony told Viera that this is the like the greatest rollercoaster ride he and his family has ever been on.

Cindy says that dropping the child neglect charge is only another tactic to slow them down. She says the murder indictment against her daughter is to prevent Casey’s lawyers from viewing evidence in the case. As usual she always blames the law enforcement. 

George Anthony says his daughter is a great mom she was always a great daughter and always will be. He is not going to give up on his daughter now nor will he ever.

When asked about how they feel about all the evidence against Casey, the photo’s taken of her in nightclubs and shopping in stores they still sat there and defended her saying the photos were taken prior to June 16 and they still have faith in their daughter. Cindy says that is the problem with this whole thing. She says if you follow the timeline you will see that it just doesn’t add up. She says Casey’s behavior makes sense. It’s not possible for Casey to be guilty. I guess all the witnesses that told authorities about these photos are lying and Casey is telling the truth. What a crock!

Cindy says that people will never know how they will react in difficult times. Cindy says Casey gets judged everyday. She says a lot of it has been from media exposure. Well duh! I would think that is Casey’s own damn fault by not cooperating and lying to the police from the beginning.

George says there are too many things that don’t add up, and he stands by his belief that his granddaughter is still alive and they are going to find her. He said that they have never doubted their daughter not even in a quiet moment. So what was that 911 call all about? Sure sounded like Cindy doubted her then.

When asked when the last time they spoke to Casey was they said they haven’t spoken to her since she was arrested again. They say Casey has asked them to put their focus on finding Caylee now and not to go to see her at the jail. How noble of Casey to suddenly be thinking of Caylee first, IF that is what Casey actually said. Up until now Casey has wanted this to be all about her. She even got flip about it when she was first in jail saying that all they cared about was Caylee, until she caught herself realizing she was being recorded so she changed her words saying of course she was worried about Caylee too.

Meredith asked Cindy what would happen if time came that she would have to come to terms that Caylee is gone and that Casey is responsible for it. Meredith asked would they still stand by their daughter even then. Cindy replied that Caylee comes first but she can’t say what she would do if Casey was guilty but she says she believes Casey is innocent. She says she would support her but she just doesn’t believe that this is the case.

Well in any normal circumstances I would say this was a good thing to do. I have got to voice my opinion about Cindy and George Anthony hopping on that plane and going to New York just so they could be on TV AGAIN! All we hear out of these people is about the tips they get everyday of where Caylee is. They said they have even opened up a new tip line and they have investigators out there looking for Caylee. My question is how come they can get on a plane and head to New York to be on TV instead of hopping that plane to Puerto Rico where they have been telling us for weeks that Caylee is. They are asking for money from people. They say they need the donations to help in the search. Does this mean to help pay for the tickets for two to go to New York or are they going to say that the “Today Show” paid for that. I guess they are such big celebrities now that broadcasting companies are willing to pay for them to appear on their show now.

Ordinarily I would have sympathy for these people mainly because I am a grandparent myself but I have none whatsoever now for these two. I think in the beginning they were sincere but to be honest now I think this is just a game to them. A cat and mouse game to see how long they can throw the detectives off so Casey and her pals can have enough time to plan their strategies. Personally I see Cindy Anthony as much of a liar as her daughter Casey is and I don’t believe anything she says either. She has constantly changed her story for her daughter’s convenience. She should know better.

Maybe people should start boycotting TV shows that have the Anthony’s as guests on their show pleading a case for Casey Anthony. That would put a halt to their stardom. Then maybe time would be spent on actually looking for Caylee. All these appearances are about is Casey. Not for looking for Caylee. They keep saying over and over again they are looking for Caylee but when the interviews start it always goes to Casey and how they believe she is innocent.

I wish they would find Caylee so this can all come to an end. I am so tired of seeing the Anthony’s on TV or online blaming everyone for Caylee not being found but the one that is to blame. They need to completely focus on finding Caylee and forget about having their picture plastered on magazines and online all over and on TV.

Caylee needs to be found. Please say a prayer for her and pray that she is found soon. God Bless You Caylee! We love you honey.

Jan Barrett

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