Caylee Anthony disappeared from the face of the earth sometime in mid June 2008. The last person to see her alive is her mother, Casey Anthony who claims she dropped her daughter off on her way to work one morning at the Nanny’s and when she returned to get her that evening there was no one there. Now that alone could be believable but once facts and stories started to unfold in the case it was quite apparent that Casey Anthony’s stories were impossible to believe. She lied about working at Universal Studios and kept lying until she was cornered and forced to tell the truth.

Casey didn’t do what a normal mother of a two year old child would do when her daughter went missing. Instead of calling the police or 911 or anyone for that matter, to report Caylee being gone, she went on about her life as though everything was normal according to her friends. She told the cops 31 days later when asked what was she doing all that time that she was doing her own investigating. That appears to be a lie also since dozens of photos came out showing Casey Anthony before and after the time little Caylee disappeared in places like a nightclub dancing on poles and doing things like rubbing up against another woman and giving a lap dance to someone. She was also caught on camera during a shopping spree at target using a check that she allegedly stole from her ex-best friend, Amy. When she went to the check out there was nothing in that basket for her daughter. I think about it and I don’t ever remember going on a shopping spree without coming out of the store with a stack of things for my kids.

Eventually after evidence built up against Casey Anthony she was arrested for the murder of her daughter. A grand jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder for Casey which means she would no longer be eligible for bail. Casey insists that she is innocent and someone she called the Nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez is the one that has her daughter.

BNN has been reporting on this case from the beginning and I have yet to see Casey Anthony shed one tear for her daughter. I saw her crying twice on TV and the first time for that was when she found out the bail was set so high that she wouldn’t be able to get out of jail and the second time was when they were about to arrest her again after the indictment against her was handed down. I have cried more tears over this case than she seems to have. She lives in luxury in jail eating her choice desserts and she gets to buy toiletries to make her smell all good, which I assume is for Jose Baez since she certainly isn’t able to mingle around in jail with the other inmates.

When Casey was arrested for the first degree murder, Kathie Belich from WFTV-Channel 9, said that Casey was cool as a cucumber as she sat and joked around with the detectives from the FBI and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Belich claimed that Casey was more interested in the media coverage that her missing daughter.

Leonard Padilla was having divers dive to try to find Caylee and once they found a bag and everyone panicked wondering if they had actually found Caylee’s body. When Casey heard about it in jail she didn’t react at all. Why? Because she knew that baby wasn’t in that river. She knew they were searching in the wrong place.

In December a meter reader with Orange County, Roy Kronk, discovered a bag on an empty lot that had been flooded during the search in August for Caylee. The amazing part was that the bag was discovered not far, I believe it was like less than ¼ of a mile from the Anthony home. When Casey heard the news and where the suspected remains of her daughter were found she started hyperventilating and asked for medication. She reacted this way before anyone even positively identified the remains as that of Caylee Marie Anthony. As luck would have it, her reaction was caught on camera so it isn’t her word against a jail guards.

Now it is the beginning of April and Casey Anthony is still claiming she is innocent and her sleazebag attorney is still claiming to believe she is too. I guess he is hoping that the public will eventually believe his line that Casey is waiting for her day in court to tell her story. He claims that once it comes out we will all sit back and say “Ahh, now we understand” I say “YEAH RIGHT”.

Yesterday videos, and taped interviews were released by the state to the public. One video that was released showed Casey in the room where they were questioning her. While waiting we see where she fiddled with her hair, she pulled her shirt down as if she was trying to make some cleavage show for the detectives, she played with her fingernails. The main idea is that she just wasn’t the typical mother that had just been arrested for killing her own child.

Also in the evidence released was a videotaped conversation between Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee Anthony and her ex-boyfriend, Tony Lazzarro. The investigators asked Lazzarro to get Lee talking. We can hear in the video where Lee wonders why his sister has lied so much since she was in middle school. “If she’s deceitful, she’s doing it for… you know I can’t even say that,” Lee said. “I’m trying to think. Does she really only do it to better herself? Or does she even say white lies just to do it… Sometimes she lies to lie.”

I also heard today that the attorney’s hired by Zenaida Gonzalez for her defamation case are asking the judge in the civil case against Casey Anthony to hold the private investigator, Dominic Casey, in contempt of court. Dominic at one time worked for both Casey Anthony’s defense team and for George and Cindy Anthony. He was scheduled to give a deposition for the deposition case on March 25 but instead Dominic Casey hired himself a lawyer and didn’t show up for the deposition.

According to another private investigator, Jim Hoover that also worked for the Anthony family, Dominic Casey knew that Caylee had been dead a month before her remains had actually been found. He videotaped Dominic while he was investigating a house that was owned by someone with the last name of Gonzalez.

What is going to happen next in this case? What shocking news will come out next? Will Casey turn against everyone including her family and try pinning this on one of them? If so which one? And better yet would one of them be willing to take the fall for her? I suppose we will just have to wait until this case goes to court hopefully in October to find out. I am sure that we are all sitting around waiting for this so called shocking news that sleazebag Baez has been trying to tell us that we will find out when Casey gets her day in court.

Jan Barrett

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