A lawyer in any city basically should know the rules inside a jailhouse. Most people on the streets know the basic rules in a jailhouse. I have never been behind bars and I know the basic rules. So I can’t understand how a lawyer that claims he knows what he is doing can possibly stand in front of a TV camera and tell the public he didn’t know!

OK Casey Anthony’s sleaze bag attorney, Jose Baez (in my opinion anyone representing this woman is a sleaze bag) claims he didn’t know it was a rule not to touch his client. He was told NO MORE HUGGING his client when he went to visit her. What kind of lawyer wouldn’t know this wasn’t allowed?

He whined to the courts because they wouldn’t let him meet with his client with his laptop with him. The courts broke their rules and allowed this, although I think this was a mistake. I still think he takes it in there with him to relate messages from her family to her so they can get their stories straight with her. They probably ask her what they are allowed to say and what they aren’t.

Baez whines to the courts about anything and everything he can come up with to complain. I don’t know why he doesn’t get banned from the courthouse just because of his abuse of the court system. I think he refuses to cooperate with the prosecutors just so he will have an excuse to appear back in court. The man seems to love spending the taxpayers money by doing this.

Now apparently Baez has come up with yet another reason to appear in court. He now is asking that the courts order the Orange County Jail to stop monitoring his visits with Casey Anthony. Now videotaping a client and their attorney is the jailhouse policy although with meetings between attorney/clients usually doesn’t have the audio part to protect the interest of the client. So how come he thinks they deserve special treatment yet once again. What makes Casey Anthony so special? She isn’t. She is a woman in jail that is being charged with first degree murder of her own child. She NEEDS to be treated just as any other inmate in the jail. She should be in general population there too but she isn’t. They have given Jose Baez and his little princess wannabe enough special privileges.

He is also asking the courts to stop the ones observing his meeting with his client from talking about them and what they hear. OK I will give him this much. This would be a violation of their privacy. The purpose of not having the audio while being videotaped is so what they say to each other can be kept private. So even though I would be the first to admit I would love to hear their conversations or to know what they are talking about, I am not suppose to know that and neither is the world.

As far as the video tape in question though, this was not recorded in the meeting room where he normally meets with Casey. There are security cameras set up all around the jail so this one was not specifically set up to just record him with his precious client and he should have known better than to meet with her there, knowing there was cameras all over.

He was offered to view the first video when Casey Anthony first heard the news about a child’s remains being found in the wooded area near her parent’s home. She reportedly started hyperventilating and asked for medication and this was before they knew for sure it was even Caylee. Baez was offered to view this video but he refused. Instead he took the opportunity to file another motion to get him back in court to complain and try to get the judge to stop the video from being shown as evidence to the public. Even though prosecutor’s told the judge Baez had a chance to view it but refused, the judge still gave him another chance giving him 15 days to view it and then file his motion to block it if he still feels it necessary. As of now as far as I know he hasn’t filed that motion yet but I am sure he is waiting til the last day to file it to buy some more time to keep the video from being shown.

Then another video taken a few minutes later shows her with Baez and he seems to be wiping tears from his eyes while she just sits there looking the other way with her arms folded. OK now what is wrong with this picture? I would think that would be opposite. I would think it would be the mother of the child crying and not the attorney. She was probably pissed because he was showing feelings for the baby and not her at that moment. We all know Casey Anthony is only about “me, me, me!” 

Now Baez wants this video blocked too and he wants the videos of all of his meetings with his client stopped. My gripe is WHY should it be stopped. He was NOT in his normal meeting area when this was recorded. He was in an area that it is always videotaped in the jail. Since all meetings are videotaped why should they be treated any different?

I am not the only one that has complaints about Jose Baez though. The prosecutors seem concerned that he might be arranging to sell the rights to Casey Anthony’s story in order to pay himself and the long list of other attorneys that he has pulled in on the case. They say this arrangement could pose a conflict of interest.

They noted that Anthony had hired eight different attorneys even though her “seeming conversion from pauper to princess” didn’t come from the sale of any assets she had. The motion states that “The only asset that appears available to the defendant is her story or otherwise valueless items, such as photographs or video tapes which have value only because of her story.”

Baez claims in his response to this motion is that it is meant “solely to harass and embarrass the defendant’s council.” It sounds like Baez is starting to think like his client. He sounds like this is all about, “me, me, me!”

Casey submitted a sworn affidavit in a hand written note saying that she believed that the prosecutors were angry because “I have refused to take a plea agreement for a crime that I did not commit.” A spokesperson from the prosecution’s office says there was never any plea bargain put on the table for her to refuse.

Baez says it is no one’s business about how he and the others are being paid in this case. I beg to differ here. I am a taxpayer. I want to know and it is my right to know as a taxpayer since he doesn’t seem to mind spending our money by these ridiculous motions he keeps filing taking it to court. They claim all the attorneys and forensic specialists and anyone else working on this case are working for free. In another time I might buy that but in this day and time when the economy is like it is now, no one can afford to work for free. No one can work for free and spend their own money on all the expenses necessary to work on this case, including air fare, meals, lodging expenses. And that isn’t even including expense for the case itself. Does Baez really think he and his so called dream team wannabe’s can make us believe they are really working for free? The man is being laughed at all across the country.

I will be glued to my TV to see this hearing when it comes up and I am so hoping that the Judge will put Baez in his place. I pray that they turn his requests down and make him reveal his source of how he is getting paid for all this. We all know Casey has nothing to offer except for the demands to have what is left of value from her daughter which she should be ashamed of herself for trying to sell. Caylee Anthony deserves more respect than that.

I pray that one day that Caylee will receive the justice that she rightfully deserves. God bless you Caylee. We still love you.

Jan Barrett

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